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dude.. [26 Sep 2005|07:04pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Haha. So basically here i am.. september 26th... writing in livejournal again.

Me and Annie decided were bringing these deals back.

I probably won't update you on every waking moment of my day. I know, I know. You're disappointed. But what can I say, I have a life...

That would be funny if it was true. Actually no it wouldn't be. Its not funny either way. Glad I cleared that up.


Today sucked. The end.
























i hate this.

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uhh [13 Feb 2005|12:52am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

annie told me to update like 49 years ago... and i just thought i would now cause im bored..ok thats it peace

xo aLic

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ughh [07 Feb 2005|09:08am]
[ mood | hyper ]

the eagles just lost =( rats xo aLic p.s. holllerrr at black history monthh.. haha sry were doin somthin on it o yeah and annie.... If his status ain't hood I ain't checkin' for him Betta be street if he lookin' at me I need a soldier That ain't scared to stand up for me Known to carry big things If you know what I mean (in my talking very clearly and whitey voice) hahaha okk i had to do thatt

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forgot this jawwn [27 Jan 2005|07:08pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

o yeah and liz and annie stalked me on tuesday caus ei wouldnt come out in the snow with them cause iwas sleepppy.. and so annie had to pee and what not .. they got stalked by some guy who was probly my dad.. and then.. they went to the municipal building.. so.. that was awesome

annie told me to write that in here.. okkkey doke


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your mom goes to college [27 Jan 2005|06:51pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

well hiii theree... these days have been pretty sweet.. testing and goin home.. its pretty nice.. when i get home i pretty muuuchhhh just go online and talk to my only 3 friends who go online every second.. annie, chris, and mCizzle

so practice for bball has been shitty and i dont even kno why the varsity practices.. they suck so bad.. and were soo good.. that we shouldnt be running when they screw up.. anyywho

so.. tomorrow i get to see like EVERY ONE.. MC, erin michelle boVEE!!!!! who i luv with all my hart and shes the coolest cat in town deff.. guys you better get on that before i do!, chris, haha treggs of course... my religion class ruleess<333 yupp.. and sister nazi is pretty sweet as welll... okey doke im peacing outa this joint

xo aLic

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yesssaaaaaahhh [23 Jan 2005|08:27pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

EAGLES WON BITCHESSSSSS omgg i luvv those boyssss

b-wessttt hollerr at mee yooo

ahh i justt luvv the eagless... B dawkss is sucha beasttt times 97849..

and donnyyy mcN... pretty sexxy jobbb boiiiii

haha ok my gangsterr entry is overrr

im peacingg out noww yo

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weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee [23 Jan 2005|02:09am]
[ mood | hyper ]

today.. it snowed.. some... and im hoping for more utherwise well have a fuLLL day on monday and that would suck

eagles game is today in like 12.5 hrs..!!!!! i really hope i dont have to go to church cause its like 2 am and im talkin to people online



enuff of thatt


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[19 Jan 2005|04:48pm]
[ mood | hehe ]

annies not in that one that i just did and she knows it.. uhmm BYE!

p.s... annies really cool and i <33333 her alott.. she has red hair and green eyes... and hahahah i dont kno what that has to do with it but i saw a lady that looked like her mom yesterday.. the lady was cool.. like her and her mom

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yippeee [19 Jan 2005|04:26pm]
[ mood | okay ]

so .. im updating for the first time in my life since like foreverr ago.. and i can only remember uhmm yesterday and today soo.. yesterday we played coatesville and we kicked there ghetto booty's.. they were prety much the most gangsterish peeps ive seen in my day.. minus me and tina who are straight up thugss without a cause.. and then the V's were like winning at half by 10 and then coatesville came out and played good and shanies just gave up.. i pretty much hate them for making coach mad cause hes like the coolest guy in the whole world.. hes the cutest little teddy bear everr.. haaa.. and then today it snowed during 4th and my class like flipped out like little 1st graderss.. then.. lunch was fun times.. nestor is pretty awesome along with all the people who yelled about kylies baby which isnt true.. haa.. andd so then .. spanish we watched some really cool movie on this grl.. not ala-din tho.. and i was really upset cause i <3 ala-din... and then i finally found out why they call matt kansas.. i was soooo confused about that foreverr.. andd then history=moose grl..what more can i say.. ha o yeah <3brian swing<3.. thats wht i could say... and then religionn<333333 hahah chris me and mC did sucha a good job.. me and chris couldnt answer 77 of the questions and mC could only not answer 57.. it was pretty crazzy.. and trey.. ugghhhhh my life... haaaaaa.. he had a good vieww.. then i left my purse in religion.. that was cool.. beth touched gum on her desk in religion too.. and erin asked me to make out with herr but i had to say no cause i was already h.u with chrisss.. haa just kidding........ haa maryy... and thenn...bus was cool stuff.. sat with kelsey.. and told everyone about how i did tom joyce on the weekend.. i got some nice stares from kelsey and jason.. then i got home and .......... read sports illustrated cause im cool.. then got in trouble for watching tv and told to read tale of two cities.. so here i am not readin it.. and o yeah bball was cancelled today too.. incase you wanted to kno..

O YEAH IT WAS MY MOMS BDAY YESTERDAY TOO.. AND I MADE HER A COOL CAKE CAUSE IM AWESOME LIKE THAT.. it looked like a retard made it.. ahh it was funnyyy... ok bye

xo aLic

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[12 Jan 2005|09:48pm]
[ mood | just awesome ]

just when i realize my life cant possibly get worse..

i realize how fucking inaccurate i am

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[12 Jan 2005|07:44pm]

really bored so i stole this from brittany..

 || your dream guy.

preferred nationality: uhmm italian or somthin like exotic or somthin... but does anyone really care about that?

hair color: anything that isnt red.. and is a normal hair color

eye color: blue or green are wayyy sexxyy.. but brown isnt that bad either

shorter or taller: i am OBSESSED with TALLLLLLLLl guys.. even if ther ugly it makes them ALOTT HOTTER.. if there really tall

 fat or skinny: i dont mind like a lil fattness.. butt.. like sumo wrestler would be hard to handle .. unless they were like the coolest person you ever mett .. like extremely funny people and such

athletic or stay-at-home:  athleticc normally.. but if the other dudes cool too thats finee.. but athletes are normally nice and built..

 younger or older: older.. younger would be weird.. grade wise i mean.. if ther just younger than w/e
^^ that didnt make sense what i said

sincere or sarastic: haa sarcasticc.. cause thats exactly what i am.. but you have to be serious at some points.. but not in total seriousness at all times

good guy or bad guy: im pretty much always attracted to bad guys.. dont kno why.. but they always turn out as assholes.. so lets go with goodd guy

sensitive or strong: uhmmm.. strong but sensitive if it comes to me and my feelings.. but doesnt cry ALOT.. that would be awkward

music: uhmm what ever floats there boat is cool with me

additional comments: TALL.. even tho i said that already.. , gorgeous eyes would be cool to look at, has too be funnyy.. or i dont kno what i would do, plays some kinda intrument.. [tom joyces trumpet =)]

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[03 Jan 2005|07:36pm]
[ mood | STUFFY NOSE ]

ha so im pretty obsessed with this picture in my layout that i stole from jess who stole from annie who i gave the pic too.. so really.. i didnt steal it.. cause.. its me.. but i have some obsession with it.. well i thought id share that

xo aLic

p.s. i saw jensen today in school like 90 times.. and he came by in a baseball outfit!!<33 what a hott bod.. TRUE ross peterson right there.. ajksdhsakjdhaskjdh HAAA MR KELEHERR SHOUT OUT TO YOUU HOME SLICEE

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i decided i freakin love yellowcard [28 Dec 2004|10:25pm]
[ mood | envious ]

soo.. me annie and hannah went to the movies yesterday and the lady yelled at us and such and we ended up at chilis?.. so we got some desert and then my pops picked us up and we went to annies and chillaxxed and watched dodgeBALL and it was funny but i like didnt laff cause i was soooo tiredd.. ha then annie thru her freakin rabbit at me like 80 times before i spazzed and like burnt it.. hehe that didnt happen but i just like burried it sumwhere.. then we went to bed after talkin about good 8th grade times.. and then when we got up at like 1030 we went to lunch at PURRE BREAD.. and i spilled my whole flipping drink and hannah goes.. ha i saw that coming the whole time.. i saw the straw get attched to your shirt and you pull away .. ha iw aslike THANKS A BUNNCHH DUDE.. ha but anywayss...so bonnie /me cleaned it up and we left 98 napkins under the table and this lumberjack minus one finger sat there.. and he was sooo cute he smiled at me and it was just amazingg.. awww.. and then we left and i went to agnes and chris threw up and i saww G-Dad and that was cool stufff and then i worked a little adn then left to go to the varsity game and that took 97 hours.. we left at 5 pm and got home at 1130..w hat a waste of my lifee.. the bus driver got lost at least 7 times.. haa then today.. i got up at some late hr and sat around and suchh and read TALE OF 2 CITIES.. which was beyond sweet.. and then did random things til i had to go to shanny and get on the bus for the GAME! woo! and we didnt get lost at all today!!!!!!! and we played 20 questions and cess like has 1/2 a brain i think hahah.. and .. then we got there and me cess dev and widgee did stupid things.. hahaaaa i like peed my pants and half the stuff was just dumb.. ha and then we watched the game and they won 51-21.. so it was sweeeeeeeeeeet.. and we ate food.. and the grl that "picked beef" with us worked the snack bar so that was very intensee haa.. and thennn.. we went home some timeee. and that was fun cause jess and annie called me 92 times.. that was gay cause when they called me they didnt talk! idiots!!!! hahahahasjkldhalksdhaskjdh im hyperrr.. so after we got home i chilled and ate more.. so. that was cool.. and now im talkin to erinn on the fonee<3 and im gonna go.. peace easyyy<3

xo aLic


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[28 Dec 2004|09:36pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I AM: alicia!
I WANT: a boyyyfriendd..im bored
I HAVE: boobs
I WISH: i lived in hawaii
I HATE: school most days
I MISS: summer<333
I WONDER: when ill finally get to go shopping! man!
I REGRET: ...............*
I LOVE: boysss
I DANCE: in the mall and boardwalk and everywhere, etc.
I SING: like a freakin bad singerr
I WRITE: .. never?
I LOSE: stuff
I SHOULD: be doing somethin fun

Who is...?
The weirdest person you know: ...hmm cooly weird.. rach.. not cooly weird. ****
The Loudest Person you Know: cess..god
The Sexiest Person you Know: ***********
The Person that Knows the Most about you: uhhh haa me and annie like read each others minds
Most Boring Teacher: OMG SR MARIANNE.. wwooooooooooooww..=/

In the last 24 hours have you:
HELPED SOMEONE? uhmm yes i think..!
BOUGHT SOMETHING? yeahh bitchesss
GONE TO THE MOVIES? no! god .. idiots.. jess/annie.. boo
SAID "I LOVE YOU"? yes! to cess cause she was left alone
TALKED TO AN EX? noperrsss
MISSED AN EX? he uhmm nope
HAD A SERIOUS TALK? nahhhhhhhhhh

pretty sweet i guess..

people enjoy takin letters outa my name [24 Dec 2004|04:36pm]
[ mood | bored ]

1. Alicia
2. Alic
3. Lic

1. xox aLic 33 xox
2. Creightz 33
3. Sixersgirl333

1. My sometimes smartness
2. My sweet skills
3. My eyes

1. mangos
2. How I cant spend money
3. My life

1. Irish (98.8%)
2. Italian (.2%)
3. Retarded (100%)

1. People I'm close to dying

1. Friends!
2. Music
3. basketballlll

1. jeans
2. shanahan t-shirt
3. tiffany's necklace

1. eminem
2. my chemical romance
3. taking back sunday

1. im notokay- my chemical romance
2. mosh - eminem
3. disco inferno - 50 cent (DJJ STEEEEEEEEEVEE <-- hehehe annieee keleherr<3)

1. stripping
2. prostitution
3. drugs
((^ who doesnt wanna do that sstuff?)

1. I love blue eyes
2. i like someone kindaaa and i am tryin to act like a 5th grader ;p <--cool stuff
3. trey is hot stuff

1. gorgeous eyes
2. intense body
3. insane tallness - im obessessedd with tall guys

1. Drugs
2. let people kno how i feel
3. let go of somethings

1. bbassketball
2. watching guys
3. sleeping

1. sing really loud
2. blast music
3. talk to cool people

1. professional ping pong player
2. movie critic
3. bed tester

1. FIJI!!!! ANNNIEEE !! woo haaa
2. Ireland
3. New Zealand

1. uhmm ryann (for a girl)
2. Payton... i like that name right now
3. Michael

1. meet famous people
2. get extremely rich
3. go to like every country minus weird ones like afghanistan and china and stuff

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uhmm sweet [24 Dec 2004|12:24pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

i watched napolean last night and it was like wayy not funny as it was before so that sucked.. and then last nite i pretty much talked to erin boveeeee on the fone for about 3 hrs.. ha that was fun times.. and then i had to go cause my face was burning from the fone overheating.. butt any ways todays christmas eve and im pretty much excited except i dont really feel like goin to my cousins tomorrow i wannaa go to my other familys cause.. well.. there cooler.. and i have 0 presents for anyone and im really pissed off cause my peeps when shopping and i didnt go so.. yeahh.. but there coming back soon and i guess well all go? but my mom has to be a t freakin church atlike 430 so that gives us no time what so ever.. soo.. yeah i guess i wont go to church tonite and ill go shopping with my dad? and so.. yeahh.. i feel this day being very boringg and i reallly wanna go out but of course no.. and this entry has noo point so.. bye

xo aLic

pretty sweet i guess..

buffalos 'R' us [15 Dec 2004|10:19am]
[ mood | hyper times 10038 ]

ha soo.. i just made a lost buffalo flyer for my computer test and i pretty much think ill get an A ++++... it was pretty cool.. i just looked at it.. and well its the best.. heheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee im hyperr.. and really bored too..im eating a cough drop and pa just asked me why it smelled like halls and i was like i duno.. and then i thought and iw aslike haaaaaaa thats me! and like.. im wayy to hyper to function write now.. and it turns out me helpinng mike on his test wasnt really a good idea cause he has a 45 and he has to redo it.. he ooopss! yesterday we won our game and coach andersonn bought us ALL wendys and it cost $90 and we all felt bad but he wouldnt let us pay so o well.. heee and like no one was hungry and we all bought stuff anyway? cause we ate dougherrtys WHOLE vending machine.. we spent most of our time there sooo it was grand? and we were worried about drive by shootings and such cause it was a ganggsterr area.. not that they dont kno ima tru gangster at hart.. anyyywayyss.. so again on the bus i said stuff about black people.. not bad stuff but i keep forgetting our coaches are both black.. and i go yeah BLACK PEOPLE.. and they never seem to notice so thats good.. but i guess they dont mind since people say white people? but .. i dunno okk well im gonna watch annie do her buffalo preservation fundraiser flyer

3 sweet babys| pretty sweet i guess..

[10 Dec 2004|08:54pm]
today .. was fun in school.. and then i got really depressed during my game and im not sure why.. i mean i dont really play much but i dont think that was it cause im startin to realize thats jus how it is so w/e.. and like.. i think it got worse when i talked to my dad after the game and all he said was i needed to find a ride home.. and he didnt even like.. say anything about the game.. so i dunno.. hes normally like a good advice giver/ supporter.. and so when he didnt say anything i got sad cause i never see him and i fucking hate my life - id rather fuckin move to illinois then never see my dad cause hes like the only person who understands me - i cant stand livin with my mom 24/7 . shes cool but she doesnt get me and i sound so fucking gay but i had to write this shit cause i have no one to talk to
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[08 Dec 2004|10:47am]
[ mood | excited ]


 uhmm welll start with the FL trip cause i dont remember before that -

thursday - the flight was funnnyy cause we were soo hyper and we couldnt be cause .. we would disturb everyone else..and the lady next to us took out her bag of food and pulled out barf which smelled so bad..and she ate it..and it made the entire plane smell...ha and before that this kid was making a clicking nooise with his seatbelt and we were liek oh......my......gosh....cause we thought he was gonna do it the whole way..but he dint...and then the grls behind us thought we were insane cause when i looked back at them they were staring straight at me..so we kept lookin at them so that was fun.. haaa and then when we got ther we went got the car, went to register in the hotel or somethin, then we went out to eat at tony roma's and we ate like 89 lbs of food... then we went home and watched tv and went to bed cause it was like...12


friday - OMGGG the best part of the trip!!..when we were walking in universal we saw this really sexy guy in cut-offs and a beater and like wayyy long rocker hair but he was like balding so it was funny..and he stood like a gay guy and he was with this other guy who was wearing like capris and it was the funniest thing ever..so naturally mr K wanted to take a picture of the rocker guy..well we ended up taking like 97 pics of him from the back and then we saw him again later and took more pics..then he went on a ride and we lost him =(...so then we went and ate and stuff and went to the other park...and then we were walking outa the park and all of a sudden i go OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and im like pointing ..and mr K and annie are like uhmm what? and im like LOOK! and they look and theres THE GUY IN THE CUTOFFS AGAIN...so this is when the chase starts (with buffalo soldierr in the background) mr K starts like running after them cause he needs a good shot of them.. so were like running and stuff and they kept looking back at us..cause they must have known since the beginning of the day we were following them..haha.. so we followed them til they went a diff way..and we were laffing soooo hard it was insane..and then we got in the car and mr K is sing buffalo soldier in an english accent so..we of course started to do that..and we did it the rest of the trip..haa o yeah and that day we also saw an old guy who was wearing small shorts and his balls were like falling outt of the shorts..it was VERY gross..haaa .o yeah and we talked to erin on the fone for awhile in the park..and ERIN IS AWESOME!


saturday - NOT NICE OUT...went to denny's and will probly die from what they fed us..there was like 900 lbs of butter on the french toast and the bacon was like ALL fat...haa mr K like banned us from eating it.. and mr K took pics of me and annie fighting in the booth...and then we went to the mall to buy sneakers for mr K cause he didnt have any and then..that mall was cool and we watched little kids playin in the little circle area and they were ADORABLE and then we left and hung out some at the room and then went to the hot tub and sauna!! ha the sauna was..funn...and then we went back and went to the city walk place where the stores and stuff are and ate at NBA cityy and that was cool cause we sat on couches and we played games and annie made 2 shots!! yayyyy for annie!! haaa..and then mr K took more pics of me and annie fighting in the booth..then we went home and were NOT allowed to go challenge people to bball games down at the courts which wasnt fun but o well..and O HARA BEAT PREP IN THE CHAMPIONSHIPP!!! OMGOSHHH I WAS LIKE CHEERING ON THE FONE..and my dad called me to update me on the game so...that was cool..and we taped it so i watched it when i got back and it was suchaaa good gamee!! and then ... we.. went out for random snacks at like 1130 and got donuts..hahah and then .. we watched boobyyss world and that was funny he laffs like a machine gun..and then.. uhm.. we went to bed..


sunday - watched NICO THE UNICORN that morning..then we went to the ppool cause it was lke..hot out!! and then sun was out and it was fuinn times and we jus tanneed the whole day..but the sun didnt stay out for long periods of time..ha so my tan is prettyy bad..haa and like invisible.. and then we went to the airport and watched the eagles game there with all the other philly people and talked to this guy in a weird hat about how he liked pittsburgh and eagles and i was like no you can not...neverrrrrrr..and then we had to get on the plane =( but they were already winning like..35-0 so..it was ok..and B WEsT already had 3 TDs cause hes my beasttt..and then we like did stuff on the plane and there was a hoTTT guy with AMAZING eyes on it ..and ooo god i luved him.. and mr K told me and annie to stop wrestling..or somthi like that but it was funny..cause were abusive..and then we got home and .. yeah.. took me home and that was cool..and we wrestled more in the car cause i was dancing to the disco music and annie mus not have liked that..haaa and then..i was home and i went to bed cause i was SOOOO tired


monday - boring, had practice..the end


tuesday - school..RELGION SEATS ARE PRETTTY SWEET..and yes i still vote joe  sits next to me where steve was suppoesd to sit but then it turned to lindsey..haha but like im surrounded by BOVE, MC, BETH, CHRISS, CHRIS, LINDSEY, ASHLEY and that new grl..me and erin are goin on strike if she changes them again!!, then stayed after with waZi and we chillaxxed at the freshman games and she was complaining about the freshman the whole time and it was funny stuff..then we had practice which was funn..and then i went home..and talked online and then talked on the fone with ERIN BOVE my luv...and then we finished that convo..and i talked online more then i went to bedd..


wednesday - NO FREAKIN SCHOOL..Yessssss...got up at 9?? and now i have to do homework and then i hhave to be at shanny at 315 cause we have a game an hourrr away at like .. 5? so yeahh wish me luck with that..GO EAGLESS!!--alrite thats it..this thing is like 93843343435385903768 miles long.. woohoo!


xo aLic


p.s. i prayed for kelly 3 times in school on tuesday and then they won there game so how amazing am i?

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[06 Dec 2004|10:27am]
[ mood | tired ]

florida was perttty awesome times..too bad i didnt get tan cause..there was no sun so there was no tanning...o well..so yeah we ate like 983049830948394830 lbs of food but it was gooooooooooooooD..i dont feel like typing right now cause im like really tired and stuff so yeahh ill wwrite later -

xo aLic

p.s. buffallooooo soldierr (eNglish accenT)

pretty sweet i guess..

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