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 uhmm welll start with the FL trip cause i dont remember before that -

thursday - the flight was funnnyy cause we were soo hyper and we couldnt be cause .. we would disturb everyone else..and the lady next to us took out her bag of food and pulled out barf which smelled so bad..and she ate it..and it made the entire plane smell...ha and before that this kid was making a clicking nooise with his seatbelt and we were liek oh......my......gosh....cause we thought he was gonna do it the whole way..but he dint...and then the grls behind us thought we were insane cause when i looked back at them they were staring straight at me..so we kept lookin at them so that was fun.. haaa and then when we got ther we went got the car, went to register in the hotel or somethin, then we went out to eat at tony roma's and we ate like 89 lbs of food... then we went home and watched tv and went to bed cause it was like...12


friday - OMGGG the best part of the trip!!..when we were walking in universal we saw this really sexy guy in cut-offs and a beater and like wayyy long rocker hair but he was like balding so it was funny..and he stood like a gay guy and he was with this other guy who was wearing like capris and it was the funniest thing ever..so naturally mr K wanted to take a picture of the rocker guy..well we ended up taking like 97 pics of him from the back and then we saw him again later and took more pics..then he went on a ride and we lost him =(...so then we went and ate and stuff and went to the other park...and then we were walking outa the park and all of a sudden i go OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and im like pointing ..and mr K and annie are like uhmm what? and im like LOOK! and they look and theres THE GUY IN THE CUTOFFS AGAIN...so this is when the chase starts (with buffalo soldierr in the background) mr K starts like running after them cause he needs a good shot of them.. so were like running and stuff and they kept looking back at us..cause they must have known since the beginning of the day we were following them..haha.. so we followed them til they went a diff way..and we were laffing soooo hard it was insane..and then we got in the car and mr K is sing buffalo soldier in an english accent so..we of course started to do that..and we did it the rest of the trip..haa o yeah and that day we also saw an old guy who was wearing small shorts and his balls were like falling outt of the shorts..it was VERY gross..haaa .o yeah and we talked to erin on the fone for awhile in the park..and ERIN IS AWESOME!


saturday - NOT NICE OUT...went to denny's and will probly die from what they fed us..there was like 900 lbs of butter on the french toast and the bacon was like ALL fat...haa mr K like banned us from eating it.. and mr K took pics of me and annie fighting in the booth...and then we went to the mall to buy sneakers for mr K cause he didnt have any and then..that mall was cool and we watched little kids playin in the little circle area and they were ADORABLE and then we left and hung out some at the room and then went to the hot tub and sauna!! ha the sauna was..funn...and then we went back and went to the city walk place where the stores and stuff are and ate at NBA cityy and that was cool cause we sat on couches and we played games and annie made 2 shots!! yayyyy for annie!! haaa..and then mr K took more pics of me and annie fighting in the booth..then we went home and were NOT allowed to go challenge people to bball games down at the courts which wasnt fun but o well..and O HARA BEAT PREP IN THE CHAMPIONSHIPP!!! OMGOSHHH I WAS LIKE CHEERING ON THE FONE..and my dad called me to update me on the game so...that was cool..and we taped it so i watched it when i got back and it was suchaaa good gamee!! and then ... we.. went out for random snacks at like 1130 and got donuts..hahah and then .. we watched boobyyss world and that was funny he laffs like a machine gun..and then.. uhm.. we went to bed..


sunday - watched NICO THE UNICORN that morning..then we went to the ppool cause it was lke..hot out!! and then sun was out and it was fuinn times and we jus tanneed the whole day..but the sun didnt stay out for long periods of time..ha so my tan is prettyy bad..haa and like invisible.. and then we went to the airport and watched the eagles game there with all the other philly people and talked to this guy in a weird hat about how he liked pittsburgh and eagles and i was like no you can not...neverrrrrrr..and then we had to get on the plane =( but they were already winning like..35-0 so..it was ok..and B WEsT already had 3 TDs cause hes my beasttt..and then we like did stuff on the plane and there was a hoTTT guy with AMAZING eyes on it ..and ooo god i luved him.. and mr K told me and annie to stop wrestling..or somthi like that but it was funny..cause were abusive..and then we got home and .. yeah.. took me home and that was cool..and we wrestled more in the car cause i was dancing to the disco music and annie mus not have liked that..haaa and then..i was home and i went to bed cause i was SOOOO tired


monday - boring, had practice..the end


tuesday - school..RELGION SEATS ARE PRETTTY SWEET..and yes i still vote joe  sits next to me where steve was suppoesd to sit but then it turned to lindsey..haha but like im surrounded by BOVE, MC, BETH, CHRISS, CHRIS, LINDSEY, ASHLEY and that new grl..me and erin are goin on strike if she changes them again!!, then stayed after with waZi and we chillaxxed at the freshman games and she was complaining about the freshman the whole time and it was funny stuff..then we had practice which was funn..and then i went home..and talked online and then talked on the fone with ERIN BOVE my luv...and then we finished that convo..and i talked online more then i went to bedd..


wednesday - NO FREAKIN SCHOOL..Yessssss...got up at 9?? and now i have to do homework and then i hhave to be at shanny at 315 cause we have a game an hourrr away at like .. 5? so yeahh wish me luck with that..GO EAGLESS!!--alrite thats it..this thing is like 93843343435385903768 miles long.. woohoo!


xo aLic


p.s. i prayed for kelly 3 times in school on tuesday and then they won there game so how amazing am i?

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