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buffalos 'R' us

ha soo.. i just made a lost buffalo flyer for my computer test and i pretty much think ill get an A ++++... it was pretty cool.. i just looked at it.. and well its the best.. heheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee im hyperr.. and really bored too..im eating a cough drop and pa just asked me why it smelled like halls and i was like i duno.. and then i thought and iw aslike haaaaaaa thats me! and like.. im wayy to hyper to function write now.. and it turns out me helpinng mike on his test wasnt really a good idea cause he has a 45 and he has to redo it.. he ooopss! yesterday we won our game and coach andersonn bought us ALL wendys and it cost $90 and we all felt bad but he wouldnt let us pay so o well.. heee and like no one was hungry and we all bought stuff anyway? cause we ate dougherrtys WHOLE vending machine.. we spent most of our time there sooo it was grand? and we were worried about drive by shootings and such cause it was a ganggsterr area.. not that they dont kno ima tru gangster at hart.. anyyywayyss.. so again on the bus i said stuff about black people.. not bad stuff but i keep forgetting our coaches are both black.. and i go yeah BLACK PEOPLE.. and they never seem to notice so thats good.. but i guess they dont mind since people say white people? but .. i dunno okk well im gonna watch annie do her buffalo preservation fundraiser flyer
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