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uhmm sweet

i watched napolean last night and it was like wayy not funny as it was before so that sucked.. and then last nite i pretty much talked to erin boveeeee on the fone for about 3 hrs.. ha that was fun times.. and then i had to go cause my face was burning from the fone overheating.. butt any ways todays christmas eve and im pretty much excited except i dont really feel like goin to my cousins tomorrow i wannaa go to my other familys cause.. well.. there cooler.. and i have 0 presents for anyone and im really pissed off cause my peeps when shopping and i didnt go so.. yeahh.. but there coming back soon and i guess well all go? but my mom has to be a t freakin church atlike 430 so that gives us no time what so ever.. soo.. yeah i guess i wont go to church tonite and ill go shopping with my dad? and so.. yeahh.. i feel this day being very boringg and i reallly wanna go out but of course no.. and this entry has noo point so.. bye

xo aLic

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