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so .. im updating for the first time in my life since like foreverr ago.. and i can only remember uhmm yesterday and today soo.. yesterday we played coatesville and we kicked there ghetto booty's.. they were prety much the most gangsterish peeps ive seen in my day.. minus me and tina who are straight up thugss without a cause.. and then the V's were like winning at half by 10 and then coatesville came out and played good and shanies just gave up.. i pretty much hate them for making coach mad cause hes like the coolest guy in the whole world.. hes the cutest little teddy bear everr.. haaa.. and then today it snowed during 4th and my class like flipped out like little 1st graderss.. then.. lunch was fun times.. nestor is pretty awesome along with all the people who yelled about kylies baby which isnt true.. haa.. andd so then .. spanish we watched some really cool movie on this grl.. not ala-din tho.. and i was really upset cause i <3 ala-din... and then i finally found out why they call matt kansas.. i was soooo confused about that foreverr.. andd then history=moose grl..what more can i say.. ha o yeah <3brian swing<3.. thats wht i could say... and then religionn<333333 hahah chris me and mC did sucha a good job.. me and chris couldnt answer 77 of the questions and mC could only not answer 57.. it was pretty crazzy.. and trey.. ugghhhhh my life... haaaaaa.. he had a good vieww.. then i left my purse in religion.. that was cool.. beth touched gum on her desk in religion too.. and erin asked me to make out with herr but i had to say no cause i was already h.u with chrisss.. haa just kidding........ haa maryy... and thenn...bus was cool stuff.. sat with kelsey.. and told everyone about how i did tom joyce on the weekend.. i got some nice stares from kelsey and jason.. then i got home and .......... read sports illustrated cause im cool.. then got in trouble for watching tv and told to read tale of two cities.. so here i am not readin it.. and o yeah bball was cancelled today too.. incase you wanted to kno..

O YEAH IT WAS MY MOMS BDAY YESTERDAY TOO.. AND I MADE HER A COOL CAKE CAUSE IM AWESOME LIKE THAT.. it looked like a retard made it.. ahh it was funnyyy... ok bye

xo aLic
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