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your mom goes to college

well hiii theree... these days have been pretty sweet.. testing and goin home.. its pretty nice.. when i get home i pretty muuuchhhh just go online and talk to my only 3 friends who go online every second.. annie, chris, and mCizzle

so practice for bball has been shitty and i dont even kno why the varsity practices.. they suck so bad.. and were soo good.. that we shouldnt be running when they screw up.. anyywho

so.. tomorrow i get to see like EVERY ONE.. MC, erin michelle boVEE!!!!! who i luv with all my hart and shes the coolest cat in town deff.. guys you better get on that before i do!, chris, haha treggs of course... my religion class ruleess<333 yupp.. and sister nazi is pretty sweet as welll... okey doke im peacing outa this joint

xo aLic

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