* aLiciaa * (ushers_sexi_33) wrote,
* aLiciaa *

today .. was fun in school.. and then i got really depressed during my game and im not sure why.. i mean i dont really play much but i dont think that was it cause im startin to realize thats jus how it is so w/e.. and like.. i think it got worse when i talked to my dad after the game and all he said was i needed to find a ride home.. and he didnt even like.. say anything about the game.. so i dunno.. hes normally like a good advice giver/ supporter.. and so when he didnt say anything i got sad cause i never see him and i fucking hate my life - id rather fuckin move to illinois then never see my dad cause hes like the only person who understands me - i cant stand livin with my mom 24/7 . shes cool but she doesnt get me and i sound so fucking gay but i had to write this shit cause i have no one to talk to
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