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i decided i freakin love yellowcard

soo.. me annie and hannah went to the movies yesterday and the lady yelled at us and such and we ended up at chilis?.. so we got some desert and then my pops picked us up and we went to annies and chillaxxed and watched dodgeBALL and it was funny but i like didnt laff cause i was soooo tiredd.. ha then annie thru her freakin rabbit at me like 80 times before i spazzed and like burnt it.. hehe that didnt happen but i just like burried it sumwhere.. then we went to bed after talkin about good 8th grade times.. and then when we got up at like 1030 we went to lunch at PURRE BREAD.. and i spilled my whole flipping drink and hannah goes.. ha i saw that coming the whole time.. i saw the straw get attched to your shirt and you pull away .. ha iw aslike THANKS A BUNNCHH DUDE.. ha but anywayss...so bonnie /me cleaned it up and we left 98 napkins under the table and this lumberjack minus one finger sat there.. and he was sooo cute he smiled at me and it was just amazingg.. awww.. and then we left and i went to agnes and chris threw up and i saww G-Dad and that was cool stufff and then i worked a little adn then left to go to the varsity game and that took 97 hours.. we left at 5 pm and got home at 1130..w hat a waste of my lifee.. the bus driver got lost at least 7 times.. haa then today.. i got up at some late hr and sat around and suchh and read TALE OF 2 CITIES.. which was beyond sweet.. and then did random things til i had to go to shanny and get on the bus for the GAME! woo! and we didnt get lost at all today!!!!!!! and we played 20 questions and cess like has 1/2 a brain i think hahah.. and .. then we got there and me cess dev and widgee did stupid things.. hahaaaa i like peed my pants and half the stuff was just dumb.. ha and then we watched the game and they won 51-21.. so it was sweeeeeeeeeeet.. and we ate food.. and the grl that "picked beef" with us worked the snack bar so that was very intensee haa.. and thennn.. we went home some timeee. and that was fun cause jess and annie called me 92 times.. that was gay cause when they called me they didnt talk! idiots!!!! hahahahasjkldhalksdhaskjdh im hyperrr.. so after we got home i chilled and ate more.. so. that was cool.. and now im talkin to erinn on the fonee<3 and im gonna go.. peace easyyy<3

xo aLic

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