* aLiciaa * (ushers_sexi_33) wrote,
* aLiciaa *

really bored so i stole this from brittany..

 || your dream guy.

preferred nationality: uhmm italian or somthin like exotic or somthin... but does anyone really care about that?

hair color: anything that isnt red.. and is a normal hair color

eye color: blue or green are wayyy sexxyy.. but brown isnt that bad either

shorter or taller: i am OBSESSED with TALLLLLLLLl guys.. even if ther ugly it makes them ALOTT HOTTER.. if there really tall

 fat or skinny: i dont mind like a lil fattness.. butt.. like sumo wrestler would be hard to handle .. unless they were like the coolest person you ever mett .. like extremely funny people and such

athletic or stay-at-home:  athleticc normally.. but if the other dudes cool too thats finee.. but athletes are normally nice and built..

 younger or older: older.. younger would be weird.. grade wise i mean.. if ther just younger than w/e
^^ that didnt make sense what i said

sincere or sarastic: haa sarcasticc.. cause thats exactly what i am.. but you have to be serious at some points.. but not in total seriousness at all times

good guy or bad guy: im pretty much always attracted to bad guys.. dont kno why.. but they always turn out as assholes.. so lets go with goodd guy

sensitive or strong: uhmmm.. strong but sensitive if it comes to me and my feelings.. but doesnt cry ALOT.. that would be awkward

music: uhmm what ever floats there boat is cool with me

additional comments: TALL.. even tho i said that already.. , gorgeous eyes would be cool to look at, has too be funnyy.. or i dont kno what i would do, plays some kinda intrument.. [tom joyces trumpet =)]

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